Important Notification!!!

We recently realized that FASTA files for a previous version of the OL genome had been linked in the sequence download page (All download links in the "Retrieve bulk sequences" page). Now you can download the latest version which has been described in Reuscher et al., Communications Biology, 2018.

 A previous version is of an OL genome assembled by us but with the Canu assembler (Koren and Walenz et al., Genome Research, 2017), while the latest one is derived from the assembly using FALCON-Unzip (Chin et al., Nature Methods, 2016). Although both of them are high quality genome information, we chose the assembly from FALCON-Unzip which is designed to handle heterozygous diploid.

The files have been replaced since July 10, 2019.


The Oryza longistaminata Information Resource.

This is the Oryza longistaminata Information Resource. On this website you will find genome and transcriptome information for the wild rice relative Oryza longistaminata, or OL for short. Please click on the buttons above to access the different resources. To learn more about how this site was made and what data sources were used please go to "About".

 One of the reasons for studying OL is its vigorous growth. It is a close relative of commercial rice varieties but produces a much higher biomass compared to rice varieties grown for their grains. Below you can find a time-lapse video comparing the growth of OL and Orzya sativa japonica cultivar "Taichung 65". Both videos show growth over two months.